KeepVid Helper -Baixar Vídeos Online de Forma Rápida e Fácil

This KeepVid Helper userscript will assist KeepVid in fetching download links for you, you can download videos you want with Keepvid Download Button easily and freely. Supported websites of KeepVid Helper are same as the online version.

How to install:

1. Add This Browser Extension First

Add the TamperMonkey add-on to your browser if you don't have it already.

2. Install KeepVid Helper

Once successfully installed TamperMonkey, click here to install KeepVid Helper.

3. Baixar Vìdeos Online Livremente

Now refresh video page and download videos with the appeared KeepVid Download Button.


  1. Arraste este botão para a sua barra de endereços: KeepVid DL
  2. Clique noKeepVid DL DL enquanto o vídeo está reproduzindo para baixar

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More Keepvid Helper Supported Sites

KeepVid Helper enables you to download videos from video sharing sites, including:

Os sítios marcados a vermelho requerem o KeepVid Helper UserScript.

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